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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, latebreaking. this is 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. a trainee with the university of
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maryland-baltimore county campus is in the hospital this afternoon. he was accidentally shot in the head with live ammunition during a training exercise. jennifer franciotti has more on the turn of events. >> it was 5:00 p.m. monday medevac helicopter arrived at shock, carrying the injured trainee. he is part of the university of maryland-baltimore campus police department. he was shot in the head during a training exercise by a training officer. the trainee is now fighting for his life. >> he is stable, but any thoughts or predictions about long-term neurological outcome at this point are way too early. >> the shooting happened at the rosewood state hospital in owings mills. that facility is now used for various trading activities. authorities would not discuss what specific training was taking place during the shooting
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or why why ammunition was used during the exercise. >> i understand it, i get it, you want answers to those questions. i probably have more questions than you have, and it will take time to get answers to those questions. for me, it is unacceptable. we will take time to find out more and make this better so that we don't have this happen again. >> jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> an investigation is underway to find the person responsible for tuesday evening shooting in west baltimore. a man was found with multiple gunshot wounds at madison avenue, just a few blocks away from the memorial and the church. the victim was taken to the hospital for treatment. now an update on that murder- suicide in. college. 23-year-old set fir -- 23-year- old dayvon green set fire to his
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health. when stephen alex rane and another zero roommate walked out, green opened fire. he used an 9-millimeter handgun that was legally purchased in baltimore county but had a cachet of weapons. >> they discovered a bag of weapons to include a baseball bat, machete, fully loaded semi- automatic handgun, and ammunition. >> the gunman was an engineering graduate student at the university maryland with an undergraduate degree from morgan state. he had been suffering from mental illness and had been on medication. a harford county teacher is out on bail, charged with having sex with a student. police arrested a 35-year-old amanda miller after a 15-year- old boy reported that he and miller had been engaging in sexual activity since december. miller is on administrative leave. if convicted, she faces up to 37
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years in prison. baltimore city school board has decided to close one of its charter schools. tuesday night, the board decided to close baltimore civic house middle and high school at the end of the 2013-2014 school year. the decision was made to not renew the contracts of two others. it is not clear what is next for the students and staff of those schools. the board tabled the decision on closing the baltimore taliban element high school. andres alonso recommended closing all four schools, -- baltimore palin development high school id andres alonso recommended closing all four schools, citing poor performance. >> increase in chances of rain this afternoon. we have seen a couple of sprinkles popup in the baltimore metro area. but the real precipitation is still further west in west
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virginia. temperatures are well above the freezing mark. upper 30's as you head into the northwest suburbs. for your evening, low 40's this afternoon, with rain, and changing to rain and snow by the evening hours, becoming all snow after 9:00 p.m. temperatures are still pretty mild. it will be hard to accumulate. we will have details coming up. >> of fire. end to a 10-day manhunt. x-lapd officer christopher dorner was found barricaded inside a remote northern california cabin. the standoff ended when the cabin burned to the ground, but police have been unable to confirm that the charred remains inside it are those of dorner. ofdorner's nine-day reign terror across southern california may have come to an end in this quiet mountain
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community, but not before one of final fatal gun battle and a cabin that erupted in flames. this cabin in the woods is where accused cop killer christopher dorner may have spent his final hours, a high of which would eventually become a fiery tomb. >> believe that the person who barricaded himself inside the cabin and engaged in gunfire without deputies and other law- enforcement officers is still inside there, even though the building burned. >> the dramatic end unfolded after reports that two maids stumbled upon dorner hiding inside the cabin. he tied the women out and stole their vehicle. he crashed and ran off into the woods. that is when a man said he came upon dorner, who project -- carjacked his pickup truck. >> pointed a gun at me, i stopped and raise my hands up. >> dorner did not get far.
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he opened fire on responding officers, killing one and injuring another. >> we know what it is like to lose a fellow officer, and it breaks our hearts to know the families are going through. >> killing spree began on super bowl sunday, when he killed two people in irvine, california. days later, he opened fire on officers at a traffic light, killing one of them. police discovered the chilling motive for the murders in a facebook manifesto posted by dorner, who wanted to get revenge on fellow officers for his firing from the lapd. >> coming up, having a hard time making it to church today? get your ashes to go. what the church officials hope to accomplish by bringing ash wednesday to the streets. the nation response to the
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>> christians celebrate ash wednesday today, but for many it is difficult to get away from school and work for church. ashes to go is a grass-roots
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effort to bring ashes to people in a new way. >> the hope is just to have a reminder of what today represents trade for some people who haven't been in any of worship services in a while, it is just a reminder that god is always here with arms outstretched to welcome and embrace. >> you can find a complete list of the locations around town on the homepage of our website, pope candidate will preside over a mass this ash wednesday -- pope benedict preside over amassed this ash wednesday, expected to be his last before his retirement this month. he explained that he thought long and hard about the decision to abdicate and decided that
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that was best for the catholic church. thep ope -- the pope plans to hold a last general audience in st. petersburg square on the 27. it baltimore florist says she fell victim to an employee. a preview of the i-team investigation. >> we are talking to potential for snow later this evening. so far it is just rain in the state of maryland. in live look at ocean city. temperatures near 40 to downtown. the rain is
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>> the president's nominee for
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treasury secretary takes center stage today. jack lew is expected to face questions about his track record and his tenure at citigroup during the financial crisis. lew, who has been serving as the president's chief of staff, is expected be easily confirmed by the democratic-controlled senate. he would succeed timothy geithner. president obama is in north carolina this afternoon seeking support for the plans he laid out in the state of the union address. >> working americans, specifically in manufacturing, have president obama's attention today. he is in asheville, north carolina visiting an engine parts supplier. he said job creation with his north star. >> is our generation's task to reignite the true engine of
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economic growth, a rising, thriving middle-class. >> the president called on congress to raise the minimum wage, help homeowners refinance, promote early education, and create jobs by promoting energy and manufacturing. but first, he said that congress passed to agree on a balanced budget that cuts the deficit. >> cannot just cut our way to prosperity. >> gop is responding with this whether video. >> doesn't add a dime to our deficit. >> republicans say that the spending needs to stop. >> we have seen an unprecedented mounting of spending and debt that will impact not only us but our children and theirs. >> another second term priority for the president -- immigration reform. >> deporting 11 million people is not just in practical, it is counter to our values. >> many republicans are hesitant to support a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.
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on victims of gun violence, the president demanded action. >> they deserve a vote. >> tomorrow, president obama heads to a town just outside atlanta. friday, he goes to chicago. >> in his state of the union address, the president also announced that about half of the u.s. forces in afghanistan will withdraw by early next year to nato secretary general says that the announcement is part of the game plan. >> president obama's announcement yesterday is in full accordance with the road map we have outlined. we will gradually hand over responsibility to the afghans. that process will be completed by the end of 2014. from now until the end of 2014,
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you will see a gradual drawdown of international troops. >> to withdraw will bring 34,000 american troops home from afghanistan. today is the fourth day aboard the carnival cruise ship triumph without power. an engine fire stranded the cruise ship in the gulf of mexico. there are 2000 working toilets on board, but many passengers on board. another ship has brought food and supplies, but the triumph will not make it to port until tonight at the earliest. carnival's president apologized, but relatives of -- families of those say that the company is telling a different story on board. >> pretty isolated in nature. lower rain across the lower
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eastern shore. heaviest is further down to the south across the delmarva peninsula. in light sprinkles popping up across harford county into cecil county. most of baltimore city is dry at this point. this is what we will have to watch out for as we go through the afternoon. a lot of clouds in place as the storm system comes in from the south and west. plenty more precipitation on the way. not just rain, but a chance for snow as well. this is what is going to be moving our way as we go into tonight. cold air is coming in on this side of the storm and will help continue those snow chances. 40 degrees to the airport, 45 as we get downtown. low 40's across the northwest suburbs as well. even in the mountains, mid- thirties.
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upper 30's as well. the arctic air is well off to the north. that is where we get temperatures in the 20-below range. even in northern parts of canada, still in the single digits at this point. enough cold air to produce a whole lot of snow out of the storm system. we are expecting it to start rain throughout the afternoon and change into a wintry mix throughout the evening hours. that is where we could get a minor accumulation of one to two inches. must've that will fall on a grassy services rather than on the roads. temperatures are so mild. we stay mostly above the freezing mark throughout the entire night. rain continues through the afternoon and into the early evening. it starts the mix through the i- 95 corridor.
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that is the best chance for the snow to accumulate did by around 1:00 a.m., we are starting to see the entire storm the four out of the state -- lift out of the state. one to two would be your general range, just enough to make things slippery. we start valentine's day in the 30's, 44 in the afternoon. dry conditions, good for people heading out to dinner. most of the snow this weekend stays offshore. >> flowers bring a lot of joy this time of year, but it is not a fairy tale ending 41 baltimore florist. she says she fell victim to someone she trusted. tonight, barry simms discovers she may not be the first victim. >> a local shop owner says she hired the designer on the spot because his work was just that
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could. now she accuses him of scamming her out of thousands of dollars. regret and recover. are both in bloom -- regret and recovery are both in bloom. the designer wanted to work here and had all the right stuff. >> he was extremely creative, extremely in beijing. he knew everything about a flower shop that anyone could ever know. >> the shop owner says that this is the man who gained her trust and talked her into ordering from a wholesaler, who he claimed could get hurt the flowers at half the cost. her anticipation turned to frustration and anger. >> they never came. >> she was out thousands, and he was gone. tonight at 11:00, our investigation turns up on line warnings about the rogue florist. and she is not the only one looking for him. >> she says tomlinson told her
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he was satisfied by the american institute of floral designers. they confirmed to the i-team that he has never been associated with them. up next, another check of the insta-weather-plus forecast.
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>> tonight at 5:00, we're working to confirm more about the shooting by a police recruit. jayne miller is on the case and she is even more surprising details about what really happened during the training exercise. with mental health and gun violence at the top of the list of concerns nationwide, tim tooten takes a look at how colleges keep track of the students suffering from mental illness. and a broken heart -- turns out it is a real condition and could cause dangerous health concerns. tonight at 5:00. and now your maryland lottery numbers. >> i am sarah fleischer from 98 rock. let's play your pick 3 numbers. take for in just a moment, but
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first, introducing the price is right scratch-off from the maryland lottery. you could get up to $50,000 instantly or a chance to play the las vegas game show experience. bob diamond is set to go with your pick four numbers. the maryland lottery -- let yourself play. >> when are we expecting the next system? tonight? >> coming in tonight. rain in the afternoon, transitioning to snow and the evening hours. one to two inches of accumulation, mostly on grassley surfaces -- grassy surface this
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trade slippery for the evening commute. >> thanks for joining us. >> thanks for joining us. >>
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